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We just got our new business cards and I splurged on a brand new swingline stapler It's not Milton's fancy red stapler from the movie 'Office Space', it's just a nice stapler.

Over The Top (OTT) video services done for your project under budget and on time. We start every project asking the right questions and focus on getting your project published ASAP.

We have simple to very complex Roku channel enterprise solutions.

The Swingline Stapler is an office must have.  But so is a good business card. This is my into for the Over-The-Top software development we do at  We are all familiar with a Roku, Apple TV, Fire Stick, or Chromecast and have seen the apps in the stores. Let’s take the Direct TV app as an example and watch one of the tv shows.  Maybe 5 minutes into the show, we encounter a moment of video buffering and then see a POD of three 15 second commercials.The App within the App is a Stand-alone product system. I want you to think about that for a minute for it to sink in.  The first commercial starts to play and has a button on top right corner of your TV screen.  It says, “More Info” and during the video commercial on your TV you can click a button to open the App with-in the App.  Below is the TV navigation with the background of my Nerd Jewel website.

What is Over-the-top?

Over-the-top content (OTT) is a term used in broadcasting and technology business reporting to refer to audio, video, and other media transmitted via the Internet as a stand-alone product, that is, without an operator of multiple cable or direct-broadcast satellite television systems.

The Simple Solution

Looking for a single stream that works on Roku, Apple TV, iPhone, and Android?

We have the solution ready for you. Take a look at our Roku Channel for The Mike Calta Show.

With Azure Media Services you get an end-to-end OTT solution with robust Analytics.

Do you need a Xamarin App with your project that runs on iPhone/Android phones? We do that!

Riding the bike is a real important part of having a balance between well-being and programming as a professional. Working with Xamarin has been just as rewarding as working with Async Brightscript. Now with Azure Media Services and ProArch, Sike42 has a focus on live streaming sports events in your area. Geo-Location targeting with professional Analytics out of the Box.

Need a mobile solution?

All you need is a little Mac Mini and a Magewell Encoder with Wirecast. Done!

If you need to live stream in the field or on a bike, we can help.

Looking at public forecasts, the Global OTT Market will hit $62 billion by 2020, up from $10 billion in 2018. That’s just one of several bullish OTT predictions, and OTT TV services are in a great sweet spot to capitalize on this growth.

Run & Deploy

Anyone who has maintained a Roku App in production knows testing your builds on all versions of the Roku OS is not a trivial task.

Direct TV NOW , Hulu, Netflix, and Sling developers know the complexity.

We solve that problem for you. All you have to do is upload the video with a short description and a screen shot of the video.

Roku RAF  Roku did their IPO Oct 2017, one share started at $14 and jumped to $23 per share and now its around $50.  It’s amazing to me that Roku has such a lead in new TV OS’s.  They lead Apple TV by more than 30% and are gaining market share faster than competitors. The Roku Advertising Framework (RAF) is included in each app.  One line of code in the manifest file gives you access to the entire library.   We are running some tests this holiday with a shopping cart site and a 30-sec. commercial for

It's obvious NOW.

The Microsoft Azure Media Services platform is a brilliant solution for doing OTT right.

The trends indicate that the TV advertising dollars in play in OTT will be increasingly directed at programmatic ad-supported video, which means more reliance on the real-time bidding (RTB) technology that can help companies better reach targeted viewers.

RTB can’t work without low latency. Also, superior ad delivery requires a standardization between OTT networks and companies providing the ad content, in order to guarantee high-quality video.

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