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Live Production and Azure Services OTT.

Michael Disanto Sr.

Michael was the first tech lead on the Direct TV project for the Roku platform with AT&T. He programms in Async Brightscript, Async C#, and Azure.

He invented Cowhead TV with his brother Joe and he runs custom analytics on ecommerce sites.

But, his experience in TV goes way back to 1978 with christian television in the 80's.

I was seventeen when I built my first television station. Literally, in 1979 my dad was the Art Director at a Christian Television Station called Channel 22 Read More ....

Joseph Disanto

Joseph is the Executive Video Director for the Mike Calta Show on the Cox Media Cluster in Tampa Florida.

He has been directing the show since 2009, and has directed many remote live shows from outside the Cox Media Studio.

In 1987 Joseph started a cable access show called Studio X and then produced the GrooveTube Television Show from a garage apartment.

We ran weekly episodes on local TV stations in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and Jacksonville Florida between 1989 and 1997.

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What is DUNS?

I have an average high credit of $100, and I'm pretty sure thats wrong.

When you bill a company like AT&T 15k - 25k per month, I believe my business credit should reflect automatically.

Stay tuned for an update soon.

CMG Tampa

Gamut is a digital media services company owned by Cox Media Group.

“smart” means a better way of doing things. We’ve put aside what isn’t working and introduced some humanity into our digital world.

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Prepare our kids

For a future with AI

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