Welcome to Fishtank OTT

Fishtank OTT is a new technology team with a proven track record for building some of the Worlds most complex OTT software.

About US

Michael DiSanto : CEO Michael's LinkedIn

Chenxin Ji : Board of Directors Chenxin Ji's LinkedIn

What we Do

Three words that should get your attention, OTT Shopping Cart. It’s a very simple concept and I guarantee the reader, it will happen soon. The more important question is, who will be the first to deliver a user friendly one click buy button on OTT platforms?

We have the plan and it's a game changer. A Blue Ocean opportunity.

What we Offer

A SDK to implement a World Class OTT Shopping Cart for TV's. The OTT Shopping Cart SDK is only the tip of the iceberg in a billion-dollar industry. We are positioning ourselves to deliver cutting-edge OTT technology while protecting our assets and intellectual property.

Highly Skilled Senior Developers.